Friday, May 10, 2013

[Review] Audrey Christian - PUSH UP Breast, Neck & Tummy Cream

I was given the opportunity to review Audrey Christian's new product - PUSH UP Breast, Neck & Tummy cream by CozyCot. Trust me, it wasn't a smooth ordeal for CozyCot, and I truly appreciate the effort made by them in order to let me have this review.

Initially, I expected a trial sample (maybe a small tube) to be provided for review but when I opened the parcel, I was surprised to see an actual size of the product delivered!

That would be an introduction brochure on Audrey Christian's PUSH UP series and the Breast, Neck & Tummy Cream beautifully packed in the parcel for me.

What this cream does is to stimulate your skin to regenerate and product new tissue and cells. By doing so, it fights off scars, wrinkles and firms the sagging skins on all parts of your body, such as neck, chest and tummy. If you are pregnant, you can even use this cream to prevent stretch marks during your pregnancy.

Audrey Christian's Breast, Neck & Tummy cream is not simply for use in stretch mark prevention. It is also used to firm sagging skins on other parts of your body, not just breast, neck or tummy. And so, in the few weeks I have tried the cream, I first used it on my neck, as I was told.

There are lines on your neck, everyone does. However, this cream will NOT make those necklines disappear! What I did find out was that everytime I used the cream on my neck (I used it twice a day - morning and night), I will feel my neck tightened after a while. The skin on my neck used to be slightly bouncy before I used the cream but after a few weeks, I do feel my skin on the neck area more firm now. It was a pity it couldn't be shown or visible on a photo, else I'm sure to put it up here. I can't be absolutely sure if the product is working as intended, but I do see slight difference upon using it.

I believe actively using this cream stimulates our body to produce collagen, which is very important when it comes to body firming.

I will also like to emphasise the fact that I have sensitive skin (pretty sensitive I would say), yet I have no allergic reaction to this cream, though I found Perfum being used as one of its ingredients. So yes, this cream, as far as I experienced, can be used on people with sensitive skin. For the benefit of people who is concerned over the ingredients used in this cream, here it is:

Aqua, Kigelia africana (Sausage Tree) Fruit Extract, Ricinus communis (Castor Oil Plant) Seed Oil, Prunus armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Polyglyceryl-3 Methylglucose Distearate, Glycerin, Isopropyl Palmitate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Glyceryl Polymethacrylate, Rahnella/Soy Protein Ferment, Propylene Glycol, Peg-8, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Carbomer, Cetearyl Alcohol, Aminomethyl Propanol, Perfum, Methylisothiazolinone, Phenethyl Alcohol, Ppg-2-Methyl Ether.

My experience in using this cream has been quite pleasant and I will really like to try on other areas of my body. It will really be a waste to just test it on the neck since I was given such a hefty size of a product to review, which probably can only show visible result to a certain extend. I read up on the brochure sent to me along with the cream that it is able to reduce cellulite as well so I will most likely going to try using it on my thighs where my cellulite dominates, though mine's not so serious. Perhaps that may show visible results (I certainly hope so! Yeah to no cellulite!).

I will give myself some time (maybe a month or so) to try the cream on my thigh to see if there will be improvement to it. Afterwhich, I will update the results back here, good or bad.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Coastal Settlement - Vintage Dining

The Coastal Settlement is a restaurant situated not in the heart of the city, neither it being situated at an accessible area. Meet The Coastal Settlement, a casual dining restaurant and cafe located in the midst of Mother Nature.

I was told of this place by my friend who literally dragged all of us to this restaurant, vowed to try its food out. It was not easy finding this place as it is located deep within. Alas, we found our way there. Parking lots outside the restaurant was really limited, hence, it is highly recommended for everyone to park their cars at the nearest open, though a little walking may be necessary.

The Coastal Settlement is pretty well-hidden among the greenery, giving us an ambience of being surrounded in nature. We were lucky to make a reservation before we reached but weren't lucky enough to get an indoor seating. So...we had to settle for outdoor for our dinner (We became dinner for the mozzies as well).

When we first sat down, its menu really caught our eyes.

Look pretty worn out ya? It's meant this way! The Coastal Settlement is decorated in the setting of vintage so its menu can't be to specky neat either. I do really love how they decorate the entire place, filled with vintage merchandise and products. Here's a little tour of the restaurant.

Now that we are done touring the place, let's move on to FOOD!

Dishes at The Coastal Settlement don't come cheap, so, you cannot expect a dish to cost you less than 10 bucks. For side dishes, they go at a minimum of $10 and main dishes at minimum price of $15. However, you can ensure they are well-charged. Why? Because their portions are all so HUGE when served!

Calamari - Ordered when a service crew told us we might need to wait for at least 30 minutes before our food could be served. They taste awfully delicious!


Hotdog Sandwich - Kids size. They are in NO WAY served with a portion meant for kids! We were so glad we ordered just 1 set for our 2 kids to share and not ordered separately!


Bangers and Mash - There is a choice to select the sausages a customer wants, between beef, pork and chicken.


Fish and Chips - Ordered by yours truly. Like I mentioned, portion was too huge and I nearly raised my flag finishing everything~~~


Roast Chicken - Delicious just like others but refrain from ordering this if you hate picking the meat from the bones.


Beehoon Soup - This restaurant does serve Asian cuisine as well. For one, my friend ordered this and we nearly laugh our hearts out when we saw what was used to contain the food. Super vintage!

We had a wonderful evening and dinner with such great delicious food though we did in fact became 'dinner' to the mozzies. Like I said, this may not be a restaurant everyone expects to be in the heart of the city, it is indeed located at an area deep in the heart of nature.

It's a good dining experience, even for once so do try it out! Delicious food, finger food and ambience, I will definitely go back again :)

200 Netheravon Road
Singapore 508529

Tel: 6475 0200

Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday
10.30am till 12 midnight (Last order at 9.45pm)
Closed on Monday (Except PH and eve of PH)


Saturday, March 16, 2013

My 1st Snow Experience ~ Seoul

It's always been my wish to be experience snow, regardless where it may be, and I finally got my chance in my favourite city, Seoul!

It was really a beautiful scene...when snow 1st fell onto me.

The moment it started snowing, I began to go really silly and snapped tons of pictures, with snow in them. I may never experience snow again...after all, I waited 30yrs+ to be able to experience once, so, why care about be silly? ^.^v

My beloved colleague helped me took few shots of me when snow came and I really love those shots! I looked truly joyful in those photos!

It didn't occur to me to ever make a snowball then when it had been on my wishlist like forever. Until my colleague deliberately went to a pushcart and gathered all the snow to make a snowball. Holding a snowball, one that was indeed made from snow was amazing.

The snowball felt just like a hardened piece of blended ice. I was so worried I would have crushed it if I held it too tight.

Last but not the least, we took a group photo in midst of snow (heard it was the heaviest snow throughout the entire winter in Seoul) before we ended our day.

Below are some pictures I took which I really like due to the snow effect.

Snow on the tree leaves. Its not everyday you see such scene where the trees are covered in white.

Busy streets of Gangnam. Was walking from COEX back to my hotel when I discovered this view to be pretty photogenic and decided to snap it down. It was also after-work hours already, hence for the heavy traffic.

Look at the pile of snow! I really couldn't resist shooting this! The snow was so thick.....and dirty!

So what's my thought about snow? As much as I like snow, experienced snow for the 1st time, like the snow effect, I will rather not experience it ever again. Why? Because snow did me some bad. I fell down twice because what snow brought right after the beautiful scenery wasn't good to the people afterall. I also slipped countless times prior to those falls. Snow is also very dirty after some time due to mud, petrol oil and etc. It might be pretty the moment it snow, but after witnessing how dirty it was after a night and how it affected people who need to walk among the snow, it may be a good idea not to let those dirty business affect us.

Snow...nice to see, nice to touch, but not nice to walk upon.


Monday, February 18, 2013

[Taipei] Shoes Haul

I am on a strict shop ban now (self-inflict) but the urge to shop's really killing me...slowly. Yeah, call me a die-hard shopaholic! Don't get the wrong idea, I don't mean a shopaholic who goes for luxury products, but more for the interest.

Right now, I do have the urge to shop for shoes even though have dozen pairs of shoes stuffed ipwithin my shoe cabinet. alright, perhaps more than just a dozen...and since I couldn't get hold of any new pairs now, I guess I can only drool over my most recent shoe haul from Taipei. I think back then, It was a serious overkill on my shoe buys.

Most people who know me knows I have a serious infatuation on skulls. Thankfully, I found 2 pairs of skull shoes to my liking when browsing around the night markets!

1st pair ~ Beige skull flats. The skull pin was coated in gold with gemstones in it. Cost me less than 18 bucks. :)

2nd pair ~ Grey skull wedges. Just like the beige flats, it is coated in gold with gemstones in it. Cost less than 18 bucks too.

I really love this pair of loafers cos this is by far the only pair of loafers with heels that I found. When wearing this pair of loafers, it really gives an elegant feel ^^. Once again, it is less than 18 bucks!

I don't think anyone's gonna believe me but this pair only cost me less than NT100 which is less than 5 bucks! I have yet to wear this out but am looking for the right outfit to match with it!

Bought this flats at less than 10 bucks. Though it doesn't look exceptionally pretty, it is ultra comfy. :)

This is my 2nd pair of shoes that is so bright in colours. It gives a dainty feel to my outfit and almost matchable with any sorts of smart casual look! Not sure if you can believe it but it's less than 15 bucks, hehehehe!

Blogging about these shoes really makes me all the more eager to shop for a new pair of shoes to add to my shoe collection. But I know I can't buy anything until I manage to settle an issue on hand. I will looking forward to an indulgence of splurging thereafter! :D


Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 New Year Resolutions....Not?

I know it’s a bit late for New Year Resolutions but honestly, I don’t intend to have a full list of it this year. In fact, there’s just a few things I will like to strike it off my To-Do list this year.

- Accompany mum out of SG for a holiday
- Bring my girl to Disneyland
- Change to Android phone (hopefully?)
- A Getaway for just Dear and me

It’s not gonna be easy since some of them had already been on my To-Do list since 2 years ago. I am pretty bent on accompanying my mum out of the country this year and she’s also quite agreeable on that, though I can’t be sure she can bear being apart from her grand-daughter for those few days, hah! This is a plan I am not planning to postpone any longer and hopefully, I can strike it off my To-Do list for this year.

Bringing my girl to Disneyland was my plan since her 3rd year birthday but we were really afraid she’s too young to truly enjoy the trip and the rides in Disneyland, not to mention she may possibly not be able to sit in most rides due to insufficient height limit. Not so sure if this year is also possible but it will be on my list until the day I can get her to Disneyland for vacation.

Android phone was what I planned to change from iPhone last year but I really didn’t know what I was thinking that made me stick to iPhone(5). Therefore, I hope I can successfully change to Android phone this year….maybe S4 or Note 3? HAHAHAHA!!

Yesterday, I had a sudden thought that it was more than year ago when Dear and me last went overseas together for vacation, even though it was half vacation, half work-trip for me. I hope I can go for a short trip with him again this year, even if it’s going to be a day or 2 only.

Again, it is a question mark for me whether I can strike these off my To-Do list this year. I sincerely hope to do that, or at least, clear 1 or 2 away…

Oh, and I realized this’ my first post of 2013, hehe!